Boys Alumni

Connor McDonough (2020)

Towson University

Ricky Amorim (2020)

Providence College

Gavin Tygh (2019)

University of Virginia

Zach Fitzgerald (2019)

Florida Southern

Greg Santa-Anna (2019)

University of Tampa

Carson Marano (2019)

UMass Amherst

Chase Rondeau (2019)

Ursinus College

Kurt Wessner (2019)

Marist College

Sean Curcio (2019)

Air Force Academy

Nic Pezone (2019)

Catholic University of America

Jack Spence (2019)

Lehigh University

Zach Lee (2019)

Syracuse University

Jack McHugh (2019)

Amherst College

Logan Lazasz (2019)

High Point University

Griffin Ganster (2019)

Cabrini University

Chad Cannon (2019)

Providence College

Peyton McNeill (2019)

Lafayette College

Cameron Magalotti (2019)

College of the Holy Cross

Adam Salvaggio (2019)

Colgate University

Shane Osborne (2019)

University of Denver


Scott McMillan - Gettysburg
Bobby Bohner - Lafayette
Brett Funk - Penn State
Mac McLaughlin - Navy
Jack Mulcahy - Drexel
Greyson Sallade - Virginia
Jordan Donagy - Penn State
Scott White - Ohio State
Luke Summers - Michigan
Matt Hilburn - Boston University
Zack Nelson - Jacksonville
Blake Target - Franklin and Marshall
Kevin Vandegrift - Saint Joseph’s
Stanley Kolimago - Stockton
Blake Rondeau - Boston University
Patrick Drake - Fairfield
Brady Emmi - Salisbury
CJ Sweitzer - Bryant
Brett Hobbs - Penn State
Quinn McCahon - Notre Dame
Brendan Meagher - Boston University
Michael Ott - Rutgers
Eric Scheuerle - Franklin and Marshall
Ethan Masucci - Monmouth


Michael Drake - Notre Dame
Michael Fay - Notre Dame
Danny Cassidy - Notre Dame
Jake Martellucci - Maryland
Joe Wolf - Cornell
James Spence - Lehigh
Nick Marren - Lehigh
Braiden Peck - Penn State
Jake McCaughan - Penn State
Malcolm Glendenning - Penn State
Matt Moore - Virginia
Brett Baskin - Johns Hopkins
Anthony Giuliani - Penn
Frankie Labetti - Fairfield
Brendan Clark - Wagner
RJ Fink - Mercer
Jake Floyd-Jones - Lafayette


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