Girls College Commitments

Whitney Macmillan (2020)

Rollins College

Brooke Baker (2020)

University of North Carolina

Maddie Fowler (2020)

Drexel University

Ali McHugh (2020)

Notre Dame

Caroline Burt (2020)

Yale University

Kate Hartnett (2020)

United States Naval Academy

Maddie Burns (2020)

University of Michigan

Julia Littlewood (2020)

Lehigh University

Hayley Hunt (2020)

Stony Brook

Devon Whitaker (2020)

University of Virginia

Meredith Farley (2019)

University of Mary Washington

Jane Lyons (2019)

University of North Carolina

Lauren Van Buren (2019)

Franklin and Marshall

Emily Wills (2019)

Loyola University

Kylie Hubiak (2019)

University of Florida

Jillian Quigley (2019)

University of Florida

Belle McHugh (2019)

Drexel University

Lizzie Meister (2019)

High Point University

Hannah Gillespie (2019)

Northwestern University

Paige Tyson (2019)

Virginia Tech

Cassie Marte (2019)

Lehigh University

Kat Kelley (2019)

University of Colorado

Arielle Hammer (2019)

Boston University

Claire Gola (2019)

Boston University

Delaney Sweitzer (2019)

University of Southern California

Savannah Sweitzer (2019)

University of Southern California

Becky Browndorf (2019)

University of Florida


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